Services – New Jersey

Breast Thermography

New Breast Scan: $235
(for all new breast thermography clients)

3-6 Months Follow-Up Breast Scan: $165
(for established clients only)

Yearly Breast Scan: $190
(for established clients only)

Breast and Additional Region of Interest (ROI): $285
(for example, if you were to add abdomen or head region in addition to a breast scan)

General Thermography

Region of Interest (ROI): $235
(head, abdomen, knees, hands, feet, etc.)

2 Regions of Interest: $285

Half Body Scan: $365
(upper or lower body)

Women’s/Men’s Wellness—Trunk only: $335

Full Body Scan: $465

(Payment due at time of service. cash/check/MC/Visa/Amex/DISC)