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Breast Thermography

New Breast Scan: $195
(for all new breast thermography clients)

3-6 Months Follow-Up Breast Scan: $125
(for established clients only)

Yearly Breast Scan: $150
(for established clients only)

Breast and Additional Region of Interest (ROI): $245
(for example, if you were to add abdomen or head region in addition to a breast scan)

General Thermography

Region of Interest (ROI): $195
(head, abdomen, knees, hands, feet, etc.)

2 Regions of Interest: $245

Half Body Scan: $325
(upper or lower body)

Full Body Scan: $425

Payment due at time of service. Your personal check, VISA debit, or cash is preferred, but we also accept all major credit cards.

Articles & Press

Natural Awakenings

Newest Technology for Early Disease Detection

Healthy Body Thermography offers early stage detection of breast disease and other full-body dysfunction.

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Daily Hampshire Gazette

In living color: Thermography screenings

Client Jaimee Roncone’s moving story of the valuable role thermography played in her breast cancer healing journey.

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South Jersey Magazine

A Father’s Legacy, An Incredible Technology

Healthy Body Thermography uses cutting-edge technology for early detection of disease.

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This is a great way to keep our breasts healthy. I really like Healthy Body Thermography. They are warm friendly folks. You won’t be disappointed. Thermographies don’t squish your breasts and don’t use radiation. Safest way to monitor breast health!
Kathrin Bateman

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