June 8, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Announcement: COVID-19 Triggers HBT Closure

Here are the questions we, as owners of Healthy Body Thermography, have been pondering:

  • What does it look like to return our country to a safe, healthy, stable environment in the foreseeable future?
  • How can HBT recover from such a significant loss of business in the months ahead?
  • What is the risk-reward of our health and the health of our clients at the few clinics that remain open, even with our prudent attempts to follow the health experts’ physical distancing guidelines?
  • At 65 and 64-years-old, will we have the vitality or hunger to revive/restore the health of the company we built?
  • How do we step away and ensure that our clients, as well as HBT, are left “whole”?

Like most of you, we’ve been engaged in a diligent pursuit of the best health and science data obtainable.  It has become increasingly clear to us that adopting a national rapid testing program gets all of us started on the shortest route towards re-opening the economy. What has also become painfully transparent is the White House’s resolute refusal to expeditiously unravel the national supply chain issues, without which, state implementation of this crucial testing process is unachievable. Such needless inaction leaves HBT “hanging out to dry” far too long.

Having acknowledged that, we are announcing that it’s time for us to permanently close our doors on May 29, 2020.  In so doing, we can assure you that there is no need to worry about your thermograms, past or approaching.

The fact that we are trained and certified by the ACCT (American College of Clinical Thermology), also means we are partnered with EMI (Electronic Medical Interpretation).  EMI is the Licensed MD Board, Certified in Thermography (thermologists), who have assessed and written your past reports.  All of those reports are safely contained in their database.  Going forward, it’s important that you continue visiting an ACCT Certified thermography provider because, as you know, each of your scans is a comparative analysis to previous scans.

Where to go for your next scan depends on where you live.

  • In New Jersey, the closest ACCT certified mobile thermographer is located at The Longevity Centers in Newark, DE (www.longevitythermography.com).
  • Depending on where you live in Pennsylvania, there are options throughout the state although The Longevity Center may still be closest (www.longevitythermography.com).
  • In Western Massachusetts, the closest ACCT certified mobile thermographers are located at Amherst (https://www.mythermography.com/ ) and Springfield (860-389-0710)
  • Depending on where you live in Connecticut, there are options throughout the state: 860-389-0710

Don’t forget to tell them we sent you!

Feel free to visit the ACCT website at https://thermologyonline.org/Breast/breast_thermography_clinics.htm    for a more extensive list of ACCT approved clinics in states across the country.

We are happy and proud to have been able to serve as your “healthy body” partners over the years. And we have valued your trust and loyalty. You can continue to contact us for a time at contact@healthybodythermography.com.

Our prayer is that we, as a nation, not only re-build but re-imagine our society as better, stronger, together. We wish you vibrant health in the years to come!


Leslie Bowden & Dale Thomas, CCTs

Owners/Certified Clinical Thermographers