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It was Leslie and Dale’s father, a holistic wellness advocate, who introduced them to thermography. Percolating with enthusiasm and urgency, he told them and their other sister that he was “putting information in the mail” (which he often did) about this “new way” he had found for “his girls” to monitor their breast health. This caused Leslie and Dale to do their own research and subsequently, get yearly thermogram screenings.

It was lifesaving. They wondered why more people didn’t know about it. Too important to keep to themselves, they shared their knowledge with family and friends. Their other sister decided to try it too, and subsequently introduced Leslie and Dale to her thermographer, at which point, they recognized an opportunity to bring this widely needed service to the general public.

Ms. Leslie Bowden is a seasoned businesswoman who owned her first business at the age of 25. She also enjoyed a career in Program Management and Public Relations, working exclusively on school construction projects in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Ms. Dale Thomas is an educational consultant who has helped numerous clients identify their talents and strengths.

They both harbor a love and respect for their parents, who instilled high standards of service, ethics and excellence in them at an early age. Healthy Body Thermography is their way of continuing their family legacy of excellence and bringing essential information to light.

Healthy Body Thermography, a state-of-the-art, efficient health system for the healthy body you deserve. It’s about time!

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Client Jaimee Roncone’s moving story of the valuable role thermography played in her breast cancer healing journey.

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I’m very grateful I did this thermography for myself. Knowing physicians review the results left me very secure. Great appointment app being easy to use. And wonderful technician. Thank you.

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